Date: Feb 28, 2020
LEI Data Look-up API

RBI requirements for obtaining LEI and its renewal for entities undertaking OTC Derivative transactions, Large Exposure till Rs 50 Cr and Non derivative Markets( Fx, G Sec, Money Market)

As per RBI requirements, an entity undertaking above transactions are required to have a valid LEI , i.e. the current status of the LEI of the entity should be Active.

Presently, LEIL has provided a facility whereby all the data can be downloaded through its website and validated. But Banks were requesting LEIL to develop an API facility whereby the authenticity and validity of the LEI can be verified through their core system. Thus, The LEI Data Look-up API (application programming interface) enables any interested party to validate LEI Number.

We are happy to inform that LEIL has developed such API facility and is available to test in mock environment. This API validates the LEI Number and provides information such as Legal name, Registration status, Next Renewal Date and Legal Form. Please refer the below API specification document for your reference.
     Download Pdf File
The Terms and Conditions, which cover access, service levels, and legal terms, apply to the API. Each User of API accepts the Terms and Conditions provided   here.

Use of the API requires one time registration. We trust that the API will ease the process of validation at Bank's end in a straight through manner . In order to avail this API service in mock, please email us on Additionally, you may please feel free to contact us on 91-22-61546636. We will assist you to connect to our API.

Legal Entity Identifier India Limited (CIN- U74900MH2015PLC268921) – A Wholly Owned Subsidiary of The Clearing Corporation of India Ltd. acts as a Local Operating Unit (LOU) for issuing globally compatible Legal Entity Identifiers (LEIs) in India.