Date: 01-June-2019
Want to Renew your LEI?

Please fill up online form after logging in. You have to make online payment of Rs.3,000 + GST =Rs.3,540.

Process For Renewal:

  1. Click on ‘forgot password’
  2. Login to LEIL account
  3. Copy your LEI number from home page and go to LEI services –> Modification/Renewal
  4. Paste your LEI number –> click on search –> tick on LEI renewal
  5. Check your data on 1st, 2nd and 3rd page and make the changes if any. In case legal entity is making any changes in online form, they should provide supporting document for the same.
  6. Legal entity has to go on the payment page (4th page) and make payment through Retail Internet Banking/ Credit card/ Debit card or Demand Draft. Once payment is cleared, reference number is generated and entity will receive an auto generated mail for the same.
  7. Please share your supporting documents i.e.soft copy of annual report or complete audited financial statement of latest financial year (2018-19) or 2019-20 (if it is available) by uploading the same on website on upload page i.e. after 4th page(Payment page) or share the same documents with reference number on If the Company/entity has a parent/holding company,

    • Please provide Consolidated Audited Financial Statements of the direct and/or ultimate parent.

    • On the online form for renewal, please update the Accounting Period dates.

    Kindly ensure that size of the file should which you are uploading or sending us through mail should not be more than 10 MB.

  8. If there is no change in authorised person – The legal entity has to submit complete set of audited financial statement of the entity, Direct/Ultimate holding company (In case if they have Direct and Ultimate holding company).
  9. If there is change in authorised person – legal entity has to provide new Board Resolution (BR) and Undertaking cum indemnity (UCI). If new authorised person name was present is last year’s BR and UCI then there is no need to submit the same.